The Republican Party of Rutherford County, Tennessee

City of LaVergne voter guide

City of LaVergne voter guide

Never  before has a Presidential election shown such a clear difference in the governing ideology between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals.  We know how very important it is to have a good conservative elected officials on all levels of government, especially locally and during this election cycle, which has already begun, locally, we have the opportunity to vote for two aldermen in the City of LaVergne.  Due to our county charter, these positions do not declare a party when running.

In an attempt to provide insight into the governing ideology of these candidates, your local party has compiled the following profile.  The voting records are public information available from the election commission and all other details are provided by the candidates.

Please note that the voting records show the primary election preference of each candidate (D = Democrat, R= Republican) and the listing has the most recent election listed first.

Rutherford County Republican Party
Donna Barrett

Calvin B. Jones
Candidate provided no information for this voter guide.

Voting History:
2016 – D
2014 – D
2008 – D
2004 – D

Jason B. Colejason-cole
Marital Status: Yes to my bride Bridget Cole for 11 years
Children: Desmond (5) and Carly (4)
Educational Experience: Business Management major at Nashville State Tech
Work Experience: I’ve worked in health care for 14 years having managed teams assisting patients with chronic illnesses obtain their medications.

Why you are running for this position:  My heart is for my community as it has been over the years. I believe our city faces some major challenges such as crime, the mayor’s instance to cutting off funding for non-for-profits, like meals on wheels, excessive spending, lack of follow thru and more. I see residents and neighbors pleading with our board but being ignored when they are asking the board to just follow the existing laws or codes. We have major opportunities to grow this city and move it forward but most of our current governing board don’t share that vision.
I want to be that voice on the board for our residents. City Hall has to be held accountable for spending and to get its priorities straight. No matter what we build in this city if the residents don’t feel safe they won’t go to it. We have to focus on getting back to basics: public safety, infrastructure and retail growth.
Ultimately I’m running because I love my community and don’t want to see it discarded on the way side.

Campaign contact information:

Voting History:
2016 – R
2014 – R
2012 – R
2010 – R
2008 – R

Kathy Tysonkathy-tyson-2
Marital Status: Married to Richard Tyson (30 years on December 23!)
Children: Two daughters, one grandson, one granddaughter
Educational Experience:
Bachelor of Science, Murray State University
Tennessee Certified Municipal Clerk and Recorder
Advanced Public Information Officer, Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness
Completed four Incident Command Classes, FEMA
Graduate of the National Institute for Public Finance, National Association of State Treasurers
Work Experience:
Town Recorder, Wartrace, TN
Assignment Desk Editor, WKRN
Assistant City Recorder, Public Information Officer, La Vergne, TN
Member of Economic Development team that brought Walmart (200 jobs and sales tax revenue) to La Vergne, championed and led efforts to build only playground in largest subdivision in the state, created first government facebook page in Rutherford county, and set up city youtube channel that advocates government transparency.
Former Realtor, Bob Parks Realty
Communications Director, Editor, and Conference Manager, National Association of State Treasurers and The Council of State Governments
Member of team that lobbied Congress and gained federal tax exemption on earnings from state college savings plans.

Why you are running for this position: For more than 10 years, I have been an outspoken advocate for La Vergne and its citizens. With a lot of experience in city administration, I understand that the complexities of government management may sometimes seem at odds with quickly getting the work done that would enhance the quality of life, infrastructure improvements, and public safety. With my direct experience, I would know as alderman what questions to ask and get answers about the necessity, status, and long-term impact of projects, activities, and needs. I am also running because I want citizens to have a say in what is most important to them and bring their concerns and ideas to the governing board. I am running to give voters a choice this year and encourage residents to consider that good government and prosperity is about steady, reliable leaders who are willing to make hard decisions. La Vergne is a welcoming, caring city with residents who time and again show compassion and kindness to neighbors, friends, and even strangers.  I am so proud to call this city my home and am thankful for the opportunity to offer my service on behalf of the people whose grace and community spirit defines who we are.  We are La Vergne.

Campaign contact information:

Voting History:
8/2016 – R
3/2016 – D
2014 – R
2012 – R
2010 – R
2008 – D
2006 – D

Matt Churchmatthew-church-3
Marital Status: Married to Katie Church for 7 years.
Children: I have four children. Anthony 22 Hailey 20 Hayden 14 and Trinity 2.
Work Experience: I am the Director Of Haz Mat for a local Emergency Response Company.
Grade 2 water&sewer for the state of Tn. Meth Lab Decon Lic. State of Tn.

Why you are running for this position: As a young boy growing up in LaVergne running around getting in trouble with the law as a teenager. So many citizens of this city took a boy from the trailer park on Stones River Road and showed me what hard work and determination will bring. The people of LaVergne help me learn how to create a wonderful life for my family. They helped me build my education to make me one of the top Haz Mat managers in the state. They showed me the leadership skills it takes to be successful. These people of LaVergne took a troubled boy in LaVergne and turned him into a man. I will always feel I have a debt to the citizens of LaVergne. I believe as Alderman I can give back to others and help improve the day today lives in the city. I will not allow the current administration to VOTE and pass a $42,000,000.00 debt on new government buildings in LaVegne. This will be a direct hit to every taxpayer in LaVergne.

Campaign contact information:

Voting History:
2016 – R
2002 – R
2000 – R