The Republican Party of Rutherford County, Tennessee

Executive Committee

Rutherford County GOP Executive Committee 2017

Republican Party of Rutherford CountyEmail:

Tel: 615-893-7219

Donna Barrett, Chairman

Daniel Gammon, Vice Chairman

Felicia Hix, Secretary

Jimmy Turner, Vice Secretary

Eric Clements, Treasurer

Ken Norberg, Vice Treasurer

Eric Brown, 34th District Director at Large

Robert Coggin, 37th District Director at Large

John Gaessler, 48th District Director at Large

Bill Harper, 49th District Director at Large

Adam Coggin, State Executive Committeeman

Lance Frizzell, State Executive Committeeman

Lynne Davis, State Executive Committeewoman

Kelsey Ketron, State Executive Committeewoman

Andrea Norberg, President Rutherford County Republican Women

April Carroll, Chairman College Republicans

Victoria Adams, Chairman Young Republicans

Rick Peppers, Immediate Past Chairman