The Republican Party of Rutherford County, Tennessee

Dr. Carol M. Swain Drew Full House in Murfreesboro

Dr. Carol M. Swain Drew Full House in Murfreesboro

Conservative speaker and writer Dr. Carol M. Swain drew a full house at the Rutherford County GOP luncheon in Murfreesboro August 15, 2017. Incidentally, the visit also marked her last day as a professor at Vanderbilt University, but she assured the 85 attendees that while she was retiring from Vanderbilt, she was not retiring from the public arena.

Dr. Swain said she plans to use her time and resources to speak out on social and political issues of the day.

“Americans need to turn away from identity politics and multiculturalism and embrace an American identity. That’s the only way our country can move beyond the conflicts we are experiencing,” she said, and defended President Donald Trump for blaming both sides of the clashes in Virginia last weekend.

Dr. Swain added that it was illogical to maintain that blacks, Hispanics and Asians can promote an identity of their own, rooted in race, while whites can’t, and pointed to the growing ranks of those attracted to white identity and white consciousness. She said that the solution to all this is to support an American identity and to cultivate a unifying bond between all.

Dr. Swain emphasized the importance of conservatives rising to the new challenges facing the country. She said she thought the country was moving toward a totalitarian society, emphasizing the importance of taking on the progressive left.

“What you see taking place in our society with the destruction of history and monuments and with the language codes, all of that is straight out of George Orwell’s book 1984, which was written in 1948,” she said.

Dr. Swain urged conservatives to use their resources to promote their beliefs, including Christian beliefs, and use the generational wealth many possess to support those values. “The football team should not be more important to you than what the institution stand for,” she said in reference to the many progressive institutions of higher learning, where conservatives send their children.

She also urged the attendees to read the work of Saul Alinsky and other books used by the radical left, and learn from the opposition, and use some of their tactics against them.