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Assessors office reducing office size amidst county population growth

Assessors office reducing office size amidst county population growth

I believe in transparency. That is why I post my budget expenditures on line at the property assessors website. In that same vein, I am making my budget request public.

Since taking office five years ago we have returned to the Rutherford County General Fund $1,949,142! Those are real savings to the taxpayers of Rutherford County.

The work which is conducted by the Assessor’s office accounts for 40% of all of the revenue spent by the county in any calendar year. If the assessor is unable to correctly value and place property on the assessment roll prior to the setting of the revenue neutral certified tax rate; millions of dollars are lost to the county and cities. This lost revenue must to paid for by way of a higher tax rate by the citizens.

The Assessor’s office has managed every year to discover ways to cut costs mid-year. We are growing by 31 people per day in Rutherford County. Our parcel counts are up 20% since I took office yet we have 26% fewer employees than 12 years ago.

You may view my budget request presentation by clicking this link: 77D?ref=Link

I hope I have the support of the citizens of Rutherford County.


Rob Mitchell

Assessor of Property
Rutherford County Tennessee
319 North Maple
2nd Floor Suite 200
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130