The Republican Party of Rutherford County, Tennessee

Judicial candidate information

Judicial candidate information

Dear Members:

With the Supreme Court situation we have now, we know how very important it is to have a good conservative judge on the bench.  Even though this new judgeship in Rutherford County is currently a county judge, we don’t want one legislating from the bench or a liberal that may move up the ranks to higher courts later on.

The County Commission has created a new judge position that will be located within the county jail.  The primary duties will be to determine pre-trial release, bond and related judicial options for incarcerated individuals.

During this election cycle, which begins Friday, we have the opportunity to vote for a conservative for this new judge position.  This email will explain the position and provide information regarding all 9 of the candidates running.  While it is a lengthy email, the information it contains is well worth the time.

Listed below are the profiles provided by the candidates running, complete with their public record voting history.  Please note that the voting records show the primary election preference of each candidate and the listing has the most recent election listed first.

Rutherford County Republic an Party

Chairman Donna Barrett



Candidate Name:  Lisa A. Bell
Marital Status:  Married to Paul Bell

Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell

Children:  Paige Bell, 15 and Max Bell, 12

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 2002) RRRRRRDRDDD

Educational Experience:
1990 Riverdale High School
1994 B.S. MTSU majored in Political Science with emphasis in Pre-law
2000 J.D. Nashville School of Law
2000 Licensed to Practice Law by Supreme Court of Tennessee

Legal Experience:
2000-2006 Attorney in private practice with emphasis in workers compensation, personal injury and probate/estate matters
2006 to present Court Coordinator for General Sessions Court, Part III under Judge Brandon and Judge Gilley with emphasis in civil matters, probate/estate matters, involuntary commitments and criminal matters
2006 to present appointed to sit as Special Judge when elected Judge is absent or has sudden emergency

Why are running for this position?
It has been my goal since the age of 16 to become a Judge. I majored in Pre-Law at MTSU and went to law school at the Nashville School of Law and passed the Bar exam on my first try.  I was in private practice for six years before accepting a position in the Judge’s office as a Court Coordinator in General Sessions Court, Part III.  Working as a private attorney, Court Coordinator and appointed Special Judge has given me the necessary hands on experience needed to fulfill my goal of becoming the next General Sessions Judge.  The law profession can be very rewarding and it is always a good feeling to know that you helped someone or assisted in resolving a difficult case.  I would like to use my education and experience to serve the community that has been so good to me and my family.

Campaign Contact Information:
Facebook:  Lisa Bell for Judge
Phone:  615-289-1051



Ben Bennett
Ben Bennett

Candidate Name: Ben. E Bennett
Marital Status:  Married to wife, Kate
Children:  Hunter, 15 and Allie, 7

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 2012) RRRR

Educational Experience:
B.S. Middle Tennessee State
J.D. Nashville School of Law, Passed Bar Exam first attempt

Legal Experience:
Appointed as Special Judge to preside over thousand cases in the criminal docket for General Sessions Court; 20 years in law enforcement as deputy, detective, supervisor and administrator

Why are running for this position?
I am running for General Sessions because this is where I can have the most positive impact on our community by utilizing my 28 years of experience and knowledge to serve our community as Judge

Campaign Contact Information:
Phone: 615-225-5290,
Facebook – BenBennettforJudge;
Website –



Candidate Name: Larry Brandon

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 1996) DDDRDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Failed to respond to any requests


Kirk Catron
Kirk Catron

Candidate Name: Kirk Catron
Marital Status:  Married to Carrie Beth Catron
Children:  Charleigh Ann, 10 and Carrigan, 8

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 2006) RRRRRRRRD

Educational Experience:
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University, 2001
Juris Doctor, Appalachian School of Law 2004
Admitted to Practice in 2004.

Legal Experience:
Like most of the candidates my Judicial expereince is extended to sitting as a special judge when our currnet judges were not available.  I have done this numerous times over the last 10 years.  I have also sat as City Judge in LaVergne when the judge was unavailable at least 7 times.

Why are running for this position?
I grew up working for my father as a cashier and maintenance worker at W.T.’s Fuel Stop. I am running for this position to utilize my experience as a criminal defense lawyer for the last 12 years. I believe I can work with the current judges to help ease the crowded dockets and long wait times that hamper our current system.  I believe it is time for a young fresh voice to be on the bench.

Campaign Contact Information:
Please contact Kirk Catron (615) 849-5588



Andrae Crismon Sr
Andrae Crismon Sr

Candidate Name: Andrae P. Crismon, Sr.
Marital Status:  Married to Crystal Crismon
Children:  Andrae II, 5 and Caleb, 2

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 2006) RDRDDDD

Educational Experience:
Shelbyville Central High School (1996)
Middle Tennessee State University (2000)
Vanderbilt Law School (2003)
Admitted to Tennessee Bar (2004)

Legal Experience:
Legal Aid Society (2007-present)
Law Offices of Houston Gordon (2007)
YMCA (2006)
Tennessee Department of Health – Office of General Counsel (2005)
Clerked for D.C. Court of Appeals, Judge Inez Smith Reid (2003-2004)

Why are running for this position?
I believe this judgeship position can be utilized as a platform to impact cutting the rate of recidivism for persons who are released. Through a grassroots effort our trial and appellate court judges took up the cause for “access to justice” to make sure that our courts became more accessible and user friendly to persons who are poor, uneducated and unfamiliar with the legal process. If elected, I would use the position to work with city and government leaders to initiate a cooperative strategy connecting persons who are released with housing, employment and drug abuse counseling resources. 46% of persons incarcerated in the State of Tennessee are expected to return back to jail or prison within three years. I am running because I want to be a part of a judicial system that starts chipping away at the root of crime and not just its symptoms.

Campaign Contact Information:
Andrae Crismon for Rutherford County Judge – General Sessions Court



Lisa Eischeid
Lisa Eischeid

Candidate Name: Lisa Eischeid
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  Three labradors

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 1998) RRRDDDDDDDDDD

Educational Experience:
Riverdale High School class of 1984
University of Tennessee College of Law – Doctorate of Jurisprudence – 1992

Legal Experience:
For the last 24 years I have assisted the Rutherford County General Sessions Court as Substitute Judge and I have also assisted the City of Murfreesboro as Substitute Judge.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I immediately obtained my law license and began my practice as a litigation attorney in the fields of civil and criminal law with David Kious and his firm.  I them opened my own office on the Murfreesboro square and continued my practice in the civil and criminal arenas in 1998 and then associated with Judge Mark Rogers until 2004.  I then opened Eischeid Law Office at 131 North Church Street and have continued my practice in the criminal and civil areas of law.

Why are running for this position?
After having a highly successful and respected law practice for the last 24 years, I decided it was time to give back to the community of Rutherford County and become a public servant.  With my vast knowledge and experience, I know I can be an asset to are current judiciary.

Campaign Contact Information:
Campaign headquarter 131 North Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN (615)896-7060
Instragram- LisaEischeidforjudge



Tom Frost
Tom Frost

Candidate Name: Tom Frost
Marital Status:  Margaret R. “Meg” Frost
Children: Stepdaughter, Misty Golden

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 1998) RRRRRRRRRRRD

Educational Experience:
B.S Degree from East Tennessee State University in 1973
J.D. Degree from University of Tennessee College of Law in 1976

Legal Experience:
Served as Substitute Judge in Rutherford County General Sessions Court on several occasions
General Practice of Law in Kingsport and Bristol, Tennessee, in State and Federal Courts from 1977 to 1986
General Practice of Law in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in State and Federal Courts from 1986 to 2001
Assistant Public Defender in Rutherford County assigned specifically to General Sessions Court from 2001 to 2011; General Practice of Law in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, concentrating in criminal law defense, from 2011 to present.
During the 39 years, I have tried ninety (90) jury trials, both civil and criminal, including three (3) in the last year. I have handled cases in eleven (11) states and in thirty-eight (38) counties in Tennessee. I estimate that I have had well more than 6,000 cases and clients.

Why are running for this position?

This position, newly created, is for a judge in the Rutherford County General Sessions system to handle primarily criminal cases and to help alleviate jail overcrowding. I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position because of my trial experience and because of my involvement in criminal defense work, especially for the last fifteen (15) years. The position requires an extensive knowledge of bail bond questions, substantive criminal law, procedural criminal law, and evidentiary law, all of which I have in abundance. I wish to serve this county and be a proper guardian of the rights of all practices.

Campaign Contact Information:
Office Address:  Thomas D. Frost, Attorney at Law
Drake, Drake and Frost
120 E. Main St., Ste. 310
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 848-7975

Treasurer: Jeffrey O. Brown, CPA
630 S. Church St, Ste. 100
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 216-1340
Facebook: #Frostforjudge



Candidate Name: Sonya Wofford Henderson (No Picture Provided)
Marital Status:  Matt Whitaker “Whit” Henderson
Children:  3 children, Whitney, Matt and Dillon; 1 granddaughter, Anna Reese Raque

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2014 – 1998) DDD

Educational Experience:
Graduated from Moore County High School
MTSU with a pre-law major
Nashville School of Law in 1988 and passed the bar in 1988.

Legal Experience:
I have sat as Special Appointed Judge
While attending MTSU, I worked as secretary for the County Administrator. While I attended law school, I worked as a bank auditor and loan review specialist for the local Murfreesboro bank. After I graduated law school, I was an Associate Attorney at Daniel, Burton, and Thomas for a period of 3 years. I then bought my own building and opened my own law firm as a partner in Thomas & Henderson for a few years. I opened my own solo practice and have my own two associate attorneys currently.

Why are running for this position?
I believe I would be a good fit as Judge for Rutherford County. I’ve been an attorney in the practice of law for over 28 years and know what works and what does not. I have two associate attorneys who practice in General Sessions Court and I’m able to hear their compliments and complaints. I have a good working rapport with Judge Tidwell, McFarlin, and Gilley. I believe that we can all work together for an efficient and expedient court and judiciary system. With my experience, strong personality, and bold ideas, I believe I am the new addition that Rutherford County is seeking.

Campaign Contact Information:



Jeff Peach
Jeff Peach

Candidate Name: Jeffrey L. Peach
Marital Status:  Married
Children:  4 children, Ryan, Chelsea, Hallie and Abbey; 1 granddaughter, Adison

Voting Record (Most Recent L-R): (2016 – 2000) RRRRRRRR

Educational Experience:
Education: Middle Tennessee State University / Bachelor in Political Science
Nashville School of Law Bar in 2009
Served on the Honor Council at Nashville School of Law

Legal Experience: 
I have practiced and admitted to practice in Tennessee and The United States District
Court for the Middle District of Tennessee
Town Attorney for Town of Smyrna since 2009
Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator
Police Officer/Detective – Retired (RCSO and SPD)
Arson Investigator for Fire Department
E.M.T. for Ambulance Service

Why are running for this position?
There is not a greater role of public trust, in my opinion, then that of a Judge in the community in which you live. I have publicly, without reservation, professed my belief in the role of the judiciary to be solely in the application of the law, not in the legislative of it. My entire life has been devoted to public service because of the duty I inherently had instilled in me at an early age to make my community a better place.

Additionally, as a retired police officer and an attorney, the imperativeness of the need for Judge to remain unbiased, above reproach and principled in maintaining the office of the judiciary as one that purely focuses on applying the law to the facts presented, is paramount to my view for the role of a judge.

I am firm in my beliefs and principles , which I believe are central to serving as a judge in this special place known as Rutherford County and it is my desire to serve the citizens of this community in that capacity. As most are aware, I have served in numerous roles within the Rutherford County Republican Party over the past decade and in doing so I have expressed not only my belief system, but also I have declared by my actions what I stand for even outside of an election cycle; which is something that I look for when choosing a candidate. Being a public servant for my entire life, I understand that when working in public office, the compass of your career must always point toward the taxpayers who have allowed you to be in that position and the public trust must always be due north. Obviously, being elected by the people of Rutherford County to serve as the next General Sessions Judge would be a great honor to me, but more importantly, I would not have sought this office if I did not believe that I could make a positive impact on our community. For those reasons, this is why I am a candidate for General Sessions Judge.

Campaign Contact Information:
Facebook: Jeffrey L Peach for Judge